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The Active Points Test
A Clinical Test for Identifying and Selecting Effective Points for Acupuncture and Related Therapies
Stefano Marcelli
Foreword by David Alimi MD and Dr Ioan Dumitrescu

The Active Points Test is a clinical instrument for identifying and selecting the points on the skin that are most effective for treatment. These points may be close to the seat of the disease, for example on the shoulder for periarthritis, or far away, for example on the ear or head for stomach pain or a cough.

September 2014, Paperback: £19.99/ $29.95
ISBN: 978-1-84819-233-1, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 192pp

Subject: Acupuncture

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Roots of Modern Practice
Charles Buck

Charles Buck draws on three decades of study, practice and teaching in this book to provide a relevant and engaging account of the origins of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. From its pre-Han dynasty roots to Chinese medicine as we know it today, Buck covers the key texts, the main scholars and the concepts they have contributed, emphasising those that are more relevant to clinicians wishing to understand the authentic tradition. The information presented is based on diverse sources including original translations of Chinese sources and interpretations of the work of many prominent medical sinologists. With Buck's lucid and engaging style, Roots of Modern Practice provides an accessible and authoritative resource that will help practitioners and students deepen their understanding of this great medical tradition.

September 2014, Paperback: £40.00/ $65.00
ISBN: 978-1-84819-159-4, 254mm x 177.8mm / 10in x 7in, 300pp

Subject: Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture for Body, Mind and Spirit
Acupuncture for Body, Mind and Spirit
Peter Mole

Written by one of the UK's leading practitioners, this authoritative and accessible introduction to acupuncture reveals everything you need to know before you step into the acupuncture clinic. It includes:

June 2014, Paperback: £11.99/ $18.95
ISBN: 978-1-84819-203-4, 216mm x 138mm / 8.5in x 5.5in, 176pp

Subjects: Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture

Archetypal Imagery and the Spiritual Self
Archetypal Imagery and the Spiritual Self
Techniques for Coaches and Therapists
Annabelle Nelson

Combining psychology and spirituality, this practical book considers archetypes from Asian, Middle Eastern and European myths and explains how they can be used in therapeutic practice to help clients achieve personal or clinical goals.

June 2014, Paperback: £15.99/ $24.95
ISBN: 978-1-84819-220-1, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 208pp

Subjects: Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, Psychology, Counselling, Books for Professional Practice

Body Intelligence Meditation
Finding presence through embodiment
Ged Sumner

Ged Sumner introduces the unique Body Intelligence form of meditation which creates a deeply felt connection with the physical body.
The exercises and meditations inspire readers to take time out from the stresses of modern life, and helps them to tune in to subtle states of life that lie within the body. Pathways are provided to access different levels of connections, from the powerful, collective wholeness of the diaphragm to the calmness and flow of the fluid body. With a little practice a deep relationship and awareness emerges.

July 2014, Paperback: £14.99/ $22.95
ISBN: 978-1-84819-174-7, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 196pp

Subjects: Cranial Osteopathy and Craniosacral Work, Massage and Bodywork, Rolfing, Shiatsu, Qigong, Bowen Technique, Meditation

Chasing the Phantom
Chasing the Phantom
In Pursuit of Myth and Meaning in the Realm of the Snow Leopard
Eduard Fischer

Eduard Fischer takes us on an exploration of myth, art, science, and the sacred space of high mountains. This is an account of adventure and deep reflection accompanied by a selection of the author's stunning colour photographs.

May 2014, Paperback: £9.99/ $15.95
ISBN: 978-1-84819-172-3, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 264pp

Subjects: Yoga, Search for Enlightenment

Children at Their Best
Children at Their Best
Understanding and Using the Five Elements to Develop Children's Full Potential for Parents, Teachers, and Therapists
Karin Kalbantner-Wernicke and Bettye Jo Wray-Fears
With Thomas Wernicke

Understanding child development through the prism of the Five Elements adds an exciting new dimension to western thinking on the nurture of children. It can not only explain patterns of behaviour in a new and helpful way, but suggest approaches and methods to help children, and groups of children, become more balanced and therefore happier, more resilient, and more open to learning and new experience.

April 2014, Paperback: £18.99/ $29.95
ISBN: 978-1-84819-118-1, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 344pp

Subjects: Education, Child Psychiatry and Psychology, Parenting, Chinese Medicine, Lifestyle

The Compassionate Practitioner
How to create a successful and rewarding practice
Jane Wood

Focusing on the importance of relationship-building, this handbook explains how to turn new clients into regulars and make your practice flourish.
If you can create trust, loyalty and a sense of safety in new clients, they are more likely to commit to the further appointments needed to experience the healing you have to offer. This book considers how best to enhance the client's experience at every stage of the consultation through compassion and mindfulness. It is full of practical advice about everything from creating the right ambience in the therapy room to maintaining a positive attitude through self-reflection.

August 2014, Paperback: £15.99/ $24.95
ISBN: 978-1-84819-222-5, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 208pp

Subject: Books for Professional Practice

Daoist Meditation
Daoist Meditation
The Purification of the Heart Method of Meditation and Discourse on Sitting and Forgetting (Zuò Wàng Lùn) by Si Ma Cheng Zhen
Translated and with a commentary by Wu Jyh Cherng
Foreword by Eva Wong

Master Cherng's translation of Discourse on Sitting and Forgetting, an 8th century classic text on meditation by Si Ma Cheng Zhen, is accompanied by his extensive explanatory commentary, unique in its ability to make this complex text accessible to the Western reader.

June 2014, Paperback: £29.99/ $49.95
ISBN: 978-1-84819-211-9, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 240pp

Subjects: Medical Qigong, Daoism, Search for Enlightenment, Spiritual Development, Meditation

Developing Internal Energy for Effective Acupuncture Practice
Developing Internal Energy for Effective Acupuncture Practice
Zhan Zhuang, Yi Qi Gong and the Art of Painless Needle Insertion
Ioannis Solos

Drawing on ancient Chinese knowledge and tradition, this book teaches practitioners of acupuncture how to develop their internal energy and sensitivity to energy in order to improve their practice.

June 2014, Paperback: £19.99/ $29.95
ISBN: 978-1-84819-183-9, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 240pp

Subjects: Acupuncture, Oriental Martial Arts, Qigong

The Divergent Channels - Jing Bie
The Divergent Channels - Jing Bie
A Handbook for Clinical Practice and Five Shen Nei Dan Inner Meditation
Dr David Twicken DOM, LAc

Rooted in the Su Wen and Ling Shu, Dr. Twicken integrates Chinese and Taoist medical philosophy, theories, and principles to clearly demonstrate that the Divergent Channels are an essential aspect of the clinical practice of acupuncture. He takes a step-by-step approach to assist practitioners in 'working out' the channels, and shows how this versatile channel system can be used in any acupuncture treatment. Twicken also includes instruction on Five Shen Nei Dan inner meditation to help practitioners gain a more profound emotional and spiritual understanding. With case studies and reference to the classic texts throughout, this book provides a complete resource that will help clinicians understand and use the Divergent Channels in clinical practice.

July 2014, Paperback: £25.00/ $39.95
ISBN: 978-1-84819-189-1, 254mm x 177.8mm / 10in x 7in, 256pp

Subjects: Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Medical Qigong, Meditation

Eat to Get Younger
Eat to Get Younger
Tackling inflammation and other ageing processes for a longer, healthier life
Lorraine Nicolle and Christine Bailey

You can't escape the ageing process but you can slow it down. By helping you to identify and address the problem areas that are accelerating your rate of ageing, this book reveals how to become more energised, sleep better, get leaner, avoid or delay age-related degenerative conditions typical in your family, and generally look and feel healthier in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond.

June 2014, Paperback: £14.99/ $24.95
ISBN: 978-1-84819-179-2, 216mm x 138mm / 8.5in x 5.5in, 400pp

Subjects: Self Help, Detox, Nutrition, Nutrition

The Four Dignities
The Spiritual Practice of Walking, Standing, Sitting and Lying Down
Cain Carroll

Offering a fresh perspective on immediate presence and embodied spiritual practice, The Four Dignities shows how the mindful cultivation of the four essential postures – walking, standing, sitting, and lying down – are the basis for a formal practice to develop greater vitality and spiritual awakening. The author reveals the subtle inner nuances of the four traditional meditations, and shows how they can be practiced as a unified system. Readers are given a profound understanding of correct posture, alignment, breathing, and attention, and the author explains the philosophical basis for the practice, offering a pathway toward realizing profound spiritual and energetic transformation.

September 2014, Paperback: £16.99/ $24.95
ISBN: 978-1-84819-216-4, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 240pp

Subject: Meditation

The Four Dragons
The Four Dragons
Clearing the Meridians and Awakening the Spine in Nei Gong
Damo Mitchell
Foreword by Dr Ole Saether

Within the context of a larger discussion of Dao Yin, Damo Mitchell teaches and explains the Dragon Dao Yin exercises, a set of four short sequences designed to work with the subtle energies of the spine and lead pathogenic energies out of the body.

August 2014, Paperback: £17.99/ $29.95
ISBN: 978-1-84819-226-3, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 256pp

Subjects: Medical Qigong, Oriental Martial Arts, Qigong

Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches - TianGan DiZhi
Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches - TianGan DiZhi
The Heart of Chinese Wisdom Traditions
Master Zhongxian Wu and Dr Karin Taylor Wu
Foreword by Fei BingXun

Essential reading for serious students of Chinese practical arts, including medicine, martial arts and FengShui, Master Zhongxian Wu and Dr Karin Taylor Wu provide a detailed explanation of the 22 GanZhi symbols in this book, outlining the characteristics of each, and their interactions and relationships.

April 2014, Hardback: £40.00/ $65.00
ISBN: 978-1-84819-151-8, 254mm x 177.8mm / 10in x 7in, 268pp

Subjects: Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Medical Qigong, Daoism, Bagua Quan, Qigong, Nei Gong, Taiji Quan, Bazi/Chinese Astrology, Spiritual Development

Homeopathy and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Homeopathy and Autism Spectrum Disorder
A Guide for Practitioners and Families
Mike Andrews

Homeopathy can be an effective way to manage aggression, improve physical health problems and enhance overall wellbeing in people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This book presents the clinical experiences of homeopaths working with autism around the world, exploring the real clinical outcomes that are being achieved in practice. It will be compelling reading for homeopaths, other healthcare professionals, teachers, parents and all those who come in to contact with children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

June 2014, Paperback: £15.99/ $24.95
ISBN: 978-1-84819-168-6, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 208pp

Subjects: Asperger Syndrome, Autism and other Syndromes, Complementary Medicine and Alternative Health, Homeopathy

Increasing IVF Success with Acupuncture
Increasing IVF Success with Acupuncture
An Integrated Approach
Nick Dalton-Brewer

This practical book provides need-to-know information vital for acupuncturists to treat patients with fertility problems.
Nick Dalton-Brewer details the causes of fertility issues, including the impact of lifestyle and diet, and explains the scientific basis for the different methods of treatment. Integrating Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART) with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapies and acupuncture, he presents his own cutting-edge research on the successful use of these therapies to improve fertility and pregnancy rates and describes a method for integrated diagnosis and treatment.

August 2014, Paperback: £19.99/ $32.95
ISBN: 978-1-84819-218-8, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 176pp

Subject: Acupuncture

Internal Alchemy and WuXingQuan
Dai Family XinYi WuDao 1
Master Zhongxian Wu

Internal Alchemy and WuXingQuan DVD includes:
1. The instruction of
• HunYuanZhang, the Primordial Stance, to build strong DanTian Qi
• LongShen, the Dragon Body, to strengthen the vital link between the Governing meridian and Conception meridian
• ChangSanBu, the Long Trinity Step, a special stepping method that focuses on awakening deeper levels of consciousness
• WuXingQuan, the Five Elements Form, to enhance the five organ systems and develop the Five Elements martial arts skills

August 2014, DVD: £25.00 + VAT = £30.00/ $49.95
ISBN: 978-1-84819-224-9, DVD - standard, 90 minutes

Subjects: Daoism, Oriental Martial Arts, Bagua Quan, Qigong, Nei Gong, Taiji Quan, Xing Yi Quan

Listening to Scent
Listening to Scent
An Olfactory Journey with Aromatic Plants and their Extracts
Jennifer Peace Rhind

The olfactory journey described in this book introduces readers to the pleasures and benefits of educating and training the 'nose', our olfactory palate. Jennifer Peace Rhind explores the process of cultivating our sense of smell and demonstrates how the process itself can be therapeutic and enjoyable, as well as informative. She highlights the different skills involved, from olfactory vocabulary, awareness, and memory, through to discrimination and fragrance creation, and the activities that can help to acquire them, emphasizing the value of experiential learning. She describes the Japanese art of koh-do or the 'way of incense' and suggests ways of creating group events inspired by this. Based on her twenty five years' experience working with essential oils and aromatic plant extracts, she also leads the reader through a variety of scent families, with information on the botanical source, odour profiles, olfactory notes, and suggestions for comparison with other scents.

June 2014, Paperback: £15.99/ $25.95
ISBN: 978-1-84819-125-9, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 144pp

Subject: Aromatherapy

The Meditation Book of Light and Colour
The Meditation Book of Light and Colour
Pauline Wills

Meditating with colour can be a powerful way to improve health and well-being and this simple handbook provides a full spectrum of new and easy-to-use colour meditation exercises.
Red can be used to improve circulation and fight infection; blue to soothe the mind and lower blood pressure. Each chapter looks at a particular colour and its associated chakra, discusses the characteristics and healing properties, and offers a series of relaxing breathing exercises and transformative visualisations for working with the colour in question. Anyone can practice these simple meditations in the home, and they are ideal for colour therapists, energy healers, yoga instructors and meditation leaders to use with clients.

May 2014, Paperback: £12.99/ $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-84819-202-7, 216mm x 138mm / 8.5in x 5.5in, 112pp

Subjects: Complementary Medicine and Alternative Health, Yoga, Colour Healing, Meditation

Principles of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
Principles of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
What it is, how it works, and what it can do for you
Lawrence Pagett
With Paul Millward
Foreword by Dr Silvia Hartmann

This is the definitive introductory guide to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), a therapeutic psychological tool that draws on Chinese medicine and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) to remove blockages within the energy system. 

July 2014, Paperback: £9.99/ $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-84819-190-7, 197mm x 130mm / 7.75in x 5in, 208pp

Subjects: Complementary Medicine and Alternative Health, Massage and Bodywork, Mental Health, Spiritual Development

The Art of Non-Invasive Paediatric Acupuncture
Thomas Wernicke

Thomas Wernicke's authoritative book is one of the first resources in English on Shonishin, a non-invasive form of acupuncture developed specifically to respond to the needs of children. With its safe, quick and effective treatments, Shonishin is increasingly catching the attention of therapists world-wide.

May 2014, Paperback: £24.99/ $39.95
ISBN: 978-1-84819-160-0, 254mm x 177.8mm / 10in x 7in, 288pp

Subjects: Massage and Bodywork, Shiatsu, Acupuncture

The Spirit in Aromatherapy
The Spirit in Aromatherapy
Working with Intuition
Gill Farrer-Halls

The importance of intuition in aromatherapy blending, essential and base oil selection and bodywork is the focus of Gill Farrer-Halls' authoritative new book. Drawing on her extensive experience as a practicing aromatherapist and aromatherapy teacher, she explores ways of increasing intuitive awareness of the nature and depth of individual essential oils, and takes the reader through meditative techniques that can help practitioners deepen their practice. She goes on to show how an intuitive and meditative approach can, with time, transform clinical practice, and help practitioners create original, effective, synergistic and holistic blends as well as develop and enhance on-going work with clients.

July 2014, Paperback: £11.99/ $18.95
ISBN: 978-1-84819-209-6, 216mm x 138mm / 8.5in x 5.5in, 96pp

Subjects: Aromatherapy, Massage and Bodywork, Flower Remedies, Meditation

Using the Bowen Technique to Address Complex and Common Conditions
John Wilks and Isobel Knight

The Bowen technique resets and repairs the body, restoring balance to relieve pain and improve energy. This book shows how it can be particularly effective at alleviating conditions that are renowned for being difficult to treat, as well as at enhancing performance in dance and other sports.

August 2014, Paperback: £35.00/ $60.00
ISBN: 978-1-84819-167-9, 254mm x 177.8mm / 10in x 7in, 368pp

Subject: Bowen Technique

Your Body is Awesome
Your Body is Awesome
Body Respect for Children
Sigrun Danielsdottir
Illustrated by Björk Bjarkadóttir

Bodies do all sorts of amazing things, like move around, grow bigger and heal themselves. Bodies also come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and we need to take care of them so that they stay healthy and strong. If we listen to our bodies they tell us exactly what they need.

June 2014, Paperback: £10.99/ $17.95
ISBN: 978-1-84819-228-7, 240 x 240mm, 36pp


Your Body is Brilliant
Your Body is Brilliant
Body Respect for Children
Sigrun Danielsdottir
Illustrated by Björk Bjarkadóttir

Bodies do all sorts of amazing things, like move around, grow bigger and heal themselves. Bodies also come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and we need to take care of them so that they stay healthy and strong. If we listen to our bodies they tell us exactly what they need.

June 2014, Hardback: £10.99/ $17.95
ISBN: 978-1-84819-221-8, 240 x 240mm, 36pp


Zero Balancing
Touching the Energy of Bone
John Hamwee
Foreword by Fritz Smith
Illustrated by Gina Michaels

This classic book remains the definitive guide to Zero Balancing and explains how and why the therapy works. Providing examples of particular clients, their problems and their experiences of the sessions, John Hamwee brings Zero Balancing to life for practitioners who want to expand their bodywork practice with this powerful and increasingly popular therapy.

September 2014, Paperback: £14.99/ $24.95
ISBN: 978-1-84819-234-8, 238 x 170mm, 144pp

Subjects: Complementary Medicine and Alternative Health, Cranial Osteopathy and Craniosacral Work, Massage and Bodywork

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