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Osmanthus – the Scent of an Oriental Autumn

Posted on October 16th, 2014 in Aromatherapy
Source: River Delta photography

  In Scotland, we have just enjoyed an uncharacteristically glorious summer, full of beautiful scents. Autumn can be wonderful too, but then it is more the rich pallete of colours that we appreciate – our visual sense tends to dominate the season. Here, if we are asked to identify the scents of autumn, we might


Singing Dragon attends the annual British Acupuncture Council conference

Buck launch picture cropped

The annual British Acupuncture Council conference, this year held for the first time in Daventry in Northamptonshire, took place on 26-28 September and was a great success. This was my first trip to the conference representing Singing Dragon as Senior Commissioning Editor and I was thrilled with our strong presence at the conference and to


The Secret Rhyme on Needling ‘Barriers Within’ – acupuncture poetry translated by Richard Bertschinger

Posted on October 2nd, 2014 in Acupuncture, Ancient Wisdom Traditions, Chinese Medicine

Read the poem… The Great Intent; Acupuncture Odes, Songs and Rhymes by Richard Bertschinger is available from the Singing Dragon website                          


Master Zhongxian Wu provides an introduction into the history of the Dai Family Heart Mind Six Unions Martial Arts

Posted on September 26th, 2014 in Ancient Wisdom Traditions, Singing Dragon News

In this article for Tai Chi Chuan and Oriental Arts magazine, Master Zhongxian Wu provides an introduction to the Dai Family Internal Martial Arts by deconstructing the components of its traditional Chinese name and how each affects the spiritual practice. He explains the traditional Chinese meaning of each component and how it effects the spiritual practice. Read the


An Introduction to the Bowen Technique – extract from Using the Bowen Technique to Address Complex and Common Conditions

Posted on September 26th, 2014 in Bodywork, Complementary & alternative therapies, Disability

In this extract, John Wilks and Isobel Knight provide an introduction into the history and general usage of The Bowen Technique using a very unusual metaphor. Read the extract… Using the Bowen Technique to Address Complex and Common Conditions is available from the Singing Dragon website.


Singing Dragon New and Bestselling titles Autumn-Winter 2014 and 2015


This fully interactive brochure has all of the new Singing Dragon titles for the Autumn and Winter of 2014 as well upcoming titles for 2015. In here you will find books on Chinese medicine, complementary therapies, martial arts, nutrition, yoga, ayurveda, qigong, Daoism, aromatherapy, and many more alternative therapies and ancient wisdom traditions. Click on the


The Practice of Sitting and Forgetting

Posted on September 23rd, 2014 in Ancient Wisdom Traditions, Daoism

Discourse on Sitting and Forgetting is an 8th century classic text on meditation by Si Ma Cheng Zhen, in his translation Wu Jyh Cherng deciphers the complex Chinese metaphors to make a practical guide  for those looking to deepen their meditation practice. In this extract Cherng looks at what is really meant by “sitting and forgetting”


Earth element activities for children – by Karin Kalbantner-Wernicke and Bettye Jo Wray-Fears

Posted on September 22nd, 2014 in Ancient Wisdom Traditions, Chinese Medicine, Parenting

Welcome back to the monthly series of stimulating Five Element activities that can support development of children in all ages!   If this is your first time reading our blog, you can go back to our first entry in May to view the WOOD Element activities.  All of the blogs can be downloaded in a pdf


The right path in acupuncture needling: putting your soul in it – by Ioannis Solos

Solos - Hua Tuo

When you look through paintings of ancient acupuncturists, you can’t help noticing that most of them hold long walking sticks or calligraphy brushes, swords, or bottle gourds. Of course, these “objects” were included in the paintings for a special reason. The pole, the sword and the calligraphy brush share many common core theories, but ultimately


An interview with Jennifer Peace Rhind on combating stress with aromatherapy

Jennifer Peace Rhind

In this interview, Jennifer Peace Rhind, author of ‘Listening to Scent‘, ‘Essential Oils‘, ‘Fragrance and Wellbeing‘, and ‘A Sensory Journey‘, discusses the power and use of essential oils. An interesting read for both aromatherapists and anyone interested in aromatherapy and scent. More information on any of Jennifer’s books can be found on the Singing Dragon


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